Reasons for Having A Mobile App for Your Hotel
July 30, 2018

Why a Mobile App is a good idea for Your Hotel?

Why a Mobile App is a good idea for Your Hotel? Explore Our Mobile App Branded to Hotel Name today!

In an industry where service is king, an app will greatly help you perfect this. Even if you’re a smaller hotel, the option is still viable and will make things easier for both parties.

1. More optimised booking experience

Once a traveller has downloaded your app they’ll have instant access your hotel information and be able to book within a couple of thumb-touches if they choose to. This will save time on both ends and give your guest a more positive experience.

2. Help you track more guest data

An app will give you easier and more concentrated access to guest information and behaviour traits across the booking journey and during their stay. Data is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when developing pricing or marketing strategies because it allows you to make accurate predictions and informed.

3. Maintain brand awareness for your hotel

Apps are one of the biggest and most used commodities on a person’s smartphone so if your app has been downloaded, a user will likely see it every day and have it top-of-mind when they choose to research accommodation.

4. Increase customer service at your property

Not only will your hotel app service a traveller during their booking stage but throughout their stay. They can use your app to chat directly with hotel workers or they can order needed things from a list on their mobile phone while you’ll be instantly notified. On the other hand, you can also quickly alert guests of special promotions and hot deals. This way all requests will be organised and automated, making life easier for everyone.

5. An effective guest loyalty program

A hotel app will provide a better platform to house your guest loyalty program by allowing the guests to collect points. Points can be redeemed to pay the following stay. The app can also be used to collect reviews after or preferably during their stay. If you see a review that’s less than positive while the guest is still at the hotel you may be able to rectify it immediately and resolve the negative feedback.

6. Act as a tour guide

You can use your app to give guests the best advice about where to go to eat, what attractions to visit, and the best sights to see in the local area. You can combine this with an interactive map to ensure they don’t get lost and can better organise their itineraries.

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